Strange first play behaviour

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I just started for the first time your game and my firewall found out that your game did 3 different connections.

One to

another to

and the last one to and this one says that your .exe was a ''cookie reader''

I guess some of this connections are for the multiplayer option but that cookie reader was a bit off, care to explain me what it did?.


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Scott Richmond Programmer & Producer
  • Completed - Resolved

Hi logicbook,

Sure happy to explain all traffic!

You should see the following activity from our game:

  1. (For the first launch and never again) we send to Google Analytics an anonymized GCLID. It is a standard Google ID that tells us if you bought the game through an Ad we ran or not. If you blocked Google from knowing (blocked their cookie) then it won't have found anything and won't have done anything - If you saw no traffic to Google then it looks like it did nothing. The `` address is to Comodo, a SSL cert provider, we used to digitally sign the executable responsible for doing the above. The action it is taking there is simply to verify that the executable is indeed compiled by us and not fraudulent.
  2. `` is a local broadcast address. It is likely UPNP negotiation between the game and the router to try to allow you to host multiplayer games.
  3. `` - All of our webservers sit behind Cloudflare. The game asks for a bunch of stuff on launch such as the newsfeed in the main menu.

I hope that is informative enough for you. Happy to answer any further queries.