Game crash while playing the game

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Hello WftO Support Team,

since the last update the game crashes after at least 10 minutes. This issue is new for me and happened never ever before with WftO.

The game crashes and Windows send a message that he changed to the basic graphic card driver.

I decided to update update my graphic card drivers and reinstall the game to go sure. Sadly the same effect. I thought, because of graphic card issues, other games are effected too. But WftO is sadly the only game where it happened.

My System:

OS: Windows 10 1803 64bit


CPU Intel Core i7 3740qm

GPU Intel HD Graphics 4000 & nVidia Geforce 675m

WftO file version




This issue happens while playing multiplayer, campaign or pet dungeon. 

I hope you can help me. Thank in advance for take care in my case.

Best regards,

Roland van Hoefen

Game Version:
Steam Public

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roland van hoefen


I have your game also in GoG, but without DLCs yet. I thinking about to buy these in GoG too :)

Sadly there appear the same problem. the game crashes after a few minutes with the message by Windows 'changed to the basic graphic driver. I can hear the sounds of the game in the background, but can't play it anymore. Several minutes later I get a Ooops message by WftO.

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Can you please ensure that you are on the latest nvidia drivers?

It may be worth using DDU to remove the drivers and then installing the latest as a fresh install.

roland van hoefen

I reinstalled the graphic card driver after I used your proposed tool. Sadly the issue happened again. I could detect in the Computer Management  / Event Manager that every time the dwm.exe crashed too. I decided too disable the Service 'Designs' via Service console. I could play now two hours without a crash. Perhaps this issue belongs to an update by Mirosoft Windows. I will watch this behavior. Thank you a lot for your advice! I hope the problem is gone.

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Cheers roland, let us know if you have any further issues