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saving crash, and corrupting saves

Kilborne Ell 5 years ago updated by anonymous 5 years ago 2

So I have 2 versions of the game, the original and I somewhat recently got and installed heart of gold.
Come to find that sometimes when i try to save, its incredibly counter-productive, because instead the game crashes and often forces me to end the task in task manager, and of course it doesn't save anything. Often when I restart game and try to play on my latest save, that save is now corrupted and I have to use the save before it to continue.

So for example, say I'm playing from save 'f', and save on save-name 'g' and then game crashes, when i come back in the game 'g' is gone, and my most recent save 'f', is corrupted. By that I mean that if i try to play with this save, the game crashes when I try to make a new save. Doesn't matter if that save is an overwritten one or a new save-name. It doesn't always happen that the game crashes but I'd say its about a 1 in 5 chance or less.

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From the description there I'd say that it sounds like the game is crashing while saving rather than having any sort of corruption.

Could you please upload the save files and an output_log.txt from a session where this occurred?

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