Part of the translation into Russian was gone in the editor of maps

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Previously, the section, where the map mode was selected, was translated into Russian. Now this section is entirely in English (when choosing Russian localization).

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War for the Overworld Launcher Log.txt

Game Version:
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 Also, when working with campaigns:

And almost all in the section Mighty Script!


As we said before portions of the game are not yet finished translation. The Russian translation is coming soon


Hi Галиев Рустам,

Apologies, this is correct as Cian has noted. Most of the text for the Mighty Script Editor, custom campaign features, and other new Map Editor features are only in English at the moment, while we gather feedback on the new systems and fix bugs. We hope to release translated versions soon.

We had prepared a message in all supported languages to explain this, which although we mentioned it in a blog post (https://wftogame.com/mightyscript-blog/), was unfortunately not made live on the Map Editor Steam store page until today. It reads as follows, in English and Russian, and can be found here: https://store.steampowered.com/app/793270/War_for_the_Overworld__Map_Editor/

Please Note:

The new Map Editor functionality introduced with Patch 2.0, such as the Mighty Script Editor and custom campaign features, are currently only available in English. As these are complex and text-heavy updates, we're waiting to go through a round of feedback and bug fixes before getting it fully localised. Thank you for your patience!


Новые функции редактора карт, введенные с обновлением 2.0, такие как мощный редактор скриптов и возможность создания пользовательских кампаний, на данный момент доступны только на английском языке. Поскольку это сложные обновления, в которых много текста, мы хотим получить на них отзывы, исправить все неполадки и уже потом отдавать на перевод. Спасибо за понимание!

I hope that helps explain things. I will update this ticket with more information once the localised text is in the game.

Best regards,


Hi Галиев Рустам,

Apologies that it's taken a long time to update this issue. Unfortunately we have made the decision not to localise the Mighty Script parts of the Map Editor. We were originally going to translate them into French, German, and Russian, but this has proved less feasible than we thought, due to the quantity of technical text involved, and the relatively small user base for this feature.

We've updated our Map Editor Steam store page to say this, and we will be adding a notification to the game in the near future as well.

We recently made the Mighty Script text available for Community Translators on our forum, so it is possible that a Russian translation will be updated by the community to include this.

Best regards,