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Kickstarter theme colour bug

LawfulEvilGuy 7 years ago updated by Scott Richmond (Programmer & Producer) 7 years ago 6

The orange colour for the Kickstarter theme uses the red colour for the walls and tiles, here's the orange theme and the red theme compared together Comparison.jpg

Game Version:
Steam Public

this has indeed be overlooked. thanks for your report !

After further testing this issue is true for all themes apart from:

Standard (working as intended)

Founders (only Floor tiles)

Evil Arcane (Walls, tiles and core)

and internal themes.

Josh Bishop this is actually due to the orange team color simply being too close to red - The muted darker emissives of the walls and walls, as is necessary to not look really bad, turns the orange slightly more red.

I'm not sure what to do about this - Its a pervasive issue that I can only really see fixed via changing the orange team color itself.

This is caused by shader forge using a multiply effect. An add node may be the way of correcting this. Scott will look into fixing this node tree.