Map Editor: Scroll/zoom speed is slow; disable tile animations?

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Not sure if this is the appropriate way to do this, if not, please advise where to do this.

Would it be possible to add controls/settings for the map editor that are different than the settings used for gameplay?

Ie. In game, I want a slow pan/rotate; but in editor I want a high pan/rotate.

Also, can you add a way to zoom faster in editor?   It takes forever to go from min zoom to 200 zoom.

There is a zoom bug where you can zoom really fast by scrolling while the mouse is at the side of the screen (ie. when panning with mouse) and the game lags due to terrain/whatever.  I can't reproduce it all the time, but it is ideally what I want, lol.

Also, can you add a way to disable animations/graphics when editing a map.  Ie. If I replace a tile, I don't want to see the destruction animation for that tile/wall/earth (and all the particle effects).  I just want the tile to be replaced instantly, no vfx.

Thank you

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