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Crash report - playing Demonic Park senario

Blink 5 years ago updated by Lee "Noontide" Moon (Designer & Community Manager) 5 years ago 6

I was playing Demon Park scenario. It crashed and I got the message:

Image 5570

so here is a zip of the crash report folder:


Game Version:
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Hi Blink,

Thanks for the report. I'm sorry to hear about the crash and I'm sorry it's taken a while for us to reply. Very busy!

The output log contains some interesting references to the systems that WFTO is built upon, it doesn't appear to be caused by us but something a bit further down. I'll have our QA Analyst take a look and see what the cause might be.

In any case a full system spec would be very useful for us as well!



Windows 7 Home Premium 64
Intel core i7-4790  3.6Ghz Quad core
Nvidia GeForce GTX 970

Let me know what other details might be useful.


Pending Customer

Hey Blink,

There's no direct cause for the crash in the log, does this happen reliably

I tried to play Demon Park scenario again today.

This time I had no crash but I had two other problems.

1) the map in the corner kept going black. If I saved the level then I could see it again for a while before It went black again.

2) I was battling the top left base. My minions claimed the inhibitor, so I couldn't destroy it. Is this supposed to be possible, Ive never had that before? I couln't work out anyway way to declaim it so I could destroy it. (maybe this is user error/not understanding?)

Here is the log file : output_log.txt
Here is the save game: demonic park_20180521211035  

demonic park_20180521211035.meta

If you'd like any more info on either of these let me know.

Also I haven't had the crash again with any other level.


Completed - Next Patch

The map itself and the minimap are fixed for the next version. Please let us know if any of these issues persist after the next update