War for the overworld cause BSOD on windows 10

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Hello, i got a trouble with game. Sometime it cause Blue Screen of Death at my notebook. Then notebook must be rebooted. This crash appear randomly. So i can play near 1-2 mission, and then game crashes.

This crash only happens in this game. I played Warhammer Total War 2, hand of fate 2, Battletech, Crossout. And they work fine for me. 

I ran my games from m9 x200 series. 

I dont have any crash info i game directory.


game directory.jpg

Here is specifications of my notebook

Inspiron 17R

OS: windows 64bit

Ram 8gb

CPU core i7-4500u

GPU radeon m9 x200 series and intel R hd graphic

i made clear install catalyst control center and GPU driver

reinstall directX components

visual C runtime libraries.  got 2005, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2017 x86 and x64 versions.

checked game files via Steam.

Can you help to solve this problem?

Sorry for my english, it isnt my native language.

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i did clear install of video drivers. Removed old driver with DDU. i tried to play for 2-3 hour. game worked fine for me.

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  • atikmdag got crashed. i have final version of drivers. Also it happens only in this game/
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    Hi Oleinikov,

    Sorry for the delay in responding to you. We've been very busy for the past few weeks and I'm sorry to hear about your issues with the game crashing.

    A Blue Screen of Death would suggest that something is happening to cause the Windows Kernel to hard crash, this isn't something that should be happening and it suggests that something closer to the metal is causing the issue. It shouldn't be possible for the program itself to cause this but it may be pushing your PC in an unusual way that is stressing a particular component and causing the issue.

    My initial guesses would be an issue caused by heat, faulty memory stick, or faulty drivers.

    A quick suggestion would be to run a torture test program such as Prime95 which will highly stress your CPU and Memory for a few hours to see if it causes the issue to appear. If you'd like instructions on how to do that ask me in the reply. :)

    Please can you provide a full dxdiag output from your PC as well. You can do this by typing Dxdiag into your search bar on the start menu, waiting for the program to load and then clicking "save all information".

    Hope we can help identify the cause of the problem,



    hello. i tested with Prime95 for 1.5 hour. Everything is ok.

    Sometime this game crash atikmdag.sys This file belong to radeon videocard ATI driver.

    Other games like:

    Pillars of eternity 2



    Works fine for me.

    I made clean install of the newest videocard driver. But this didnt solve my problem. 

    Here is my dxdiag information DxDiag.txt

    Any ideas?


    If you have not before you can try to use DDU to make sure that you get a fully clean install


    It'd be helpful if you could get us another output_log now that you've reinstall your drivers


    i used DDU to clear all drivers and made clear install.

    here is fresh log.



    Did the game crash in that session? Theres no evidence of any issue in that log

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    We will reopen the ticket wf we get a response

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    Glad to hear it, let us know if you have any further issues