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AI Causing Severe Lag and Crashes In Undergames

enkerzan 5 years ago updated by anonymous 5 years ago 6

My post from the forums:

"I've been having fun with the new Undergames mode and patch in general, but I am also having some major problems. I have been getting wicked lag spikes throughout every match, and sometimes the game will freeze up and then crash. I even tried turning the graphics settings down but that actually made it worse. I do suspect it has something to do with the AI spamming commands and the Recall spell, for some reason the AI is completely obsessed with it. The AI also does not manage it's dungeon properly, it will always have minions rallied the moment it gets into a fight and they are always angry/starved/sleep deprived. Saving often has been my only saving grace from the crashes, but this time I had to reset the match because it kept crashing 2 min after I loaded my save. If anyone has any tips to get passed the lag hitching, I'm all ears."

To add to this. When the AI gets into a fight and leaves their minions perma-rallied, you can literally sit there and camp for 2 hours and let the enemy's minions kill each other til there's nothing left and just steamroll them because all they have left are level 1 minions.


Windows 10 Pro 64-bit

64 Gigs RAM

Octocore I-7 6700k 4.00Ghtz

nVidia GTX 1080 8-gig

Game Version:
Steam Public
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Hi Enkerzan,

Sorry for the delay in reviewing your ticket we've been very busy recently and not been able to go through the backlog. I can confirm that we're currently looking into AI performance and hoping to optimize some issues with the AI itself. So I can confirm we're looking into that.

What we'd be really interested in though is the crashes which this is causing for you as we've not had many similar reports and some more in-depth things for us to investigate would be fantastic.

Would you be able to provide output logs from a session where you've suffered a crash from this and also the save file mentioned which was causing a crash quickly. You can find instructions on how to locate these things here: How to: Submit a Bug Ticket

Output logs from any ungraceful crashes should also be available in dated specific folders in your game folder.



Sadly I no longer have the log from that game because each time I open the game it resets the log, the best you will get from me in a timely manner is the glitchy log I sent in another bug report. But to replicate any of the craziness, simply just let the game run for up to 2 hours straight and I guarantee you will see the mess that I experienced. 

Hi Enkerzan,

In the event of an ungraceful crash WFTO should generate a crash folder which contains a few logs in the root War for the Overworld directory in your Steam Library. These folders will be dated and timestamped, can you check to make sure you don't have these folders generated from the aforementioned crashes.

If not that's alright we'll proceed to investigate as we make a performance pass on the AI in general. If you do have them though it'd be fantastic if you could zip them up for us and upload them here. :)



Last I checked, those folders with timestamps don't generate unless it crashes with a error correct? The crashes I experienced were just crashes to desktop with no error, which usually means it's a memory issue. I have now triple checked for those files in case I was wrong, and there are no generated log files present in my directory anywhere.Untitled 2.png

Cannot Replicate

Hey enkerzan,

If you do come across this again please make a save and upload that alongside the output_log.txt

We have an upcoming patch that sure mitigate the spikes you are seeing, expect that in the coming weeks and know that we are battling to get it resolved.

Unfortunately without a way to replicate these issue we cannot act further, we are happy to help if you can get us anything further either on this ticket or another one