No points amassed in "My Pet Dungeon - classic DK2 campaign" level

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Ive been playing the custom campaign "My Pet Dungeon - classic DK2 campaign". during level 1 realised I was amassing almost 0 points.
After a suggestion in steam I redownloaded the campaign.

I'm now playing level 3 and the same thing has happened. You can see in this screenI have a pretty advanced dungeon, but 0 points.

I don't know if this is a problem with the campaign, with the game or something on my machine.

Here is the log for this session of the game where I played level 3.



I raised another issue:

That may or may not be related as I 'think' this bug has only happened playing the DK2 campaign

Game Version:
Steam Public

FYI i started a completely new game (without re-downloading the campaign) and I got exactly the same thing. 0 points after creating several rooms.


Lee "Noontide" Moon Designer & Community Manager
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Hi Blink,

It's difficult to say what's happening here but we don't support custom levels directly. It's most likely this is an issue with the setup of the custom levels themselves and from reading the workshop page for the campaign it seems that redownloading the campaign can resolve the issue, which suggests perhaps an incorrect setup on some of the scripts that for some reason has not been pulled in an automatic update.

We're definitely open to supporting issues with the new tools especially if the map maker reaches out with the problem. So I'd suggest trying to re-download the campaign as suggested then asking the creator if he's up for getting in touch for specific investigation into these issues.




redownloading did fix level 1, but didn't stop the same thing happening on level 3.

Will try to download again and see what happens to level 3.