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[Map Editor] Core Doors cannot be locked.

woudo 5 years ago updated by Lee "Noontide" Moon (Designer & Community Manager) 5 years ago 7

The two options presented are the same as any other door;

[Door Locked: Yes/No]

[AI can Lock/Unlock: Yes/No]

Checking the door locked option will simply result in unchecking the box as soon as you click away.

AI Control works as it should.

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The door should not have that option on the context menu, locking it does nothing

So they cannot be locked at all? That's a shame.

I'll make some changes.

How would that even function

I was going to use it as a "There's a pathway here that the heroes use to go from A to B during their daily routine" but I didn't want the heroes wandering out of it, nor did I want the player to evade the trap gauntlet by bashing through the back door. Basically to make the castle layout make sense logistically, while still restricting the direction of the player and the movement of the AI heroes.

It's fine, just moved some stuff around to make the encounter less front-loaded.

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