some minions still fall through the floor

Sonny Bos 7 years ago updated by Jan - Eric Merzel 7 years ago 4

so i must admid i havent seen this to often but it still happens on skirmishes and scenario's
some of my minions hust flatout fall through the floor of my dungeon being unable to interact with anything.. just yesterday i was playing a map from workshop and i had 4 juggernaughts slumming it in my basement, now ive tried using recal in their unit portrays and in the past this sometimes help.. but in this case it didnt.. i see this happen in my own dungeon.. but sometimes as well when killing a dungeon core, minions being stuck in it even after its destroyed

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im going to have a look at this map you have mentioned in out official forums.

I can say that i have ever seen this issue (well, before release maybe)

as a tip take your time, untill all minions have been attracted

added note: sometimes vampires teleport/jump their asses stuck into a wall or ground too, succubi are the ones ive seen in the basement most of the time lately


we can not reproduce