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The Under Games campaign not launching

Hannes Sander 5 years ago updated by anonymous 5 years ago 4

Hey guys, just bought the under games expansion, however I can't get the campaign to start ingame.

Whenever I choose the campaign in singleplayer menu, the camera moves over to the war table, but the textbox below "The Under Games" is empty, instead of showing the available Underlords (as I saw in some videos). Screenshot below.

What makes me curious is, that when I went to the campaign menu when
coming straight out of a game I was able to see the props, like the
little towers on the hexes, still not being able to click something though.

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Steam Public
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Please let us know if that resolves the issue for you

Hey Brightrockgames Team,

thanks for your awesomely quick response to this whole matter and the free key aswell!
I'm glad you guys can quickly adress this case now. Also, let me say that i enjoy your game
a lot lately, keep it up guys! At the end of this little inconvenience I feel like the winner. Great support!

Best regards,
Hannes Sander

Virenfrei. www.avast.com
... And, in fact, that did solve the problem!
Thanks once more.

Virenfrei. www.avast.com
Completed - Resolved

Glad to hear it Hannes, Let us know if you have any other issues