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Debug Console gold mined not updating (more money than god)

journeywithin 5 years ago updated by Lee "Noontide" Moon (Designer & Community Manager) 5 years ago 6

I have been trying to write a guide for unlocking more money than god, but after 2.0, the gold mined shown in the debug console doesn't see to update.

Pre2.0, even though I had the achievement, the console still updated whenever I mined gold.  But post2.0, neither of these have affected the amount shown: UG, Skirmish on official map, My Pet Dungeon.  Note that I have restarted the game multiple times.  Once after testing in skirmish, once after MPD and a few times during UG - none have updated the console.

Can you please let me know if something has changed or if the console (and possibly the achievement) is bugged?

Also, can you confirm if you can still use godmode on an official map for this achievement or has that changed?

Thank you

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This is very low impact, no promise that itll be done

Do you mind commenting if you can use godmode on an official map to unlock progress towards the achievement?  (I posted a guide on the steam guides with some info you are inclined to read my strategies)


We indeed had an issue with the achievement. It will be fixed on next build = ) And we do not restrict god mode anymore

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