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New map editor - Earth to Impenetrable rock

Battyman 5 years ago updated by anonymous 5 years ago 5

When using the map editor, if I fill an area with earth and then overpaint that area with impenetrable rock, it leaves a border of earth around the tiles. Other permutations cause a flashing border to appear.

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It seems you may have two issues. 

  • When creating impenetrable rock in the map editor, each tile does not knit seamlessly with the next, it shows earth between. This is a known encumbrance of how the editor works - if you load into the map, this is should not be visible. If it is, please let us know and we'll look into it further.
  • Flashing border - would it be possible to get reproduction steps for this?



If I select an area of impenetrable rock and change to dirt. I then fill the same area with earth. Then I overlay the same area with impenetrable rock and I get the result below.

If I go straight from dirt to rock, it looks 100% fine.

Now, having got this, as per picture. If I remove the area back to dirt and now fill with rock, if you look at the edges of the tiles while zooming in and out, you will see that they start flashing. Not certain if this is a graphics card issue, or if it affects other machines. Just thought I should point it out, as it is probably something simple to fix.

On a more positive note. A BIG THANKS to all the team who have made this possible. You have made myself and my teenage granddaughter very happy, as we love the game to bits.

Hey Battyman,

I'm glad to hear that you're both enjoying the game so much! 

With the above issue can you please try and export the map and see if it still occurs? Unfortunately we cannot fix this for the map editor but are happy to look into a fix if the graphical issue persists when playing.

I can confirm that once I export/save out the map, the impenetrable rock appears as it should. The issue seems to just affect the editor side of things.

Not Fixable

Then we unfortunately will not be able to fix this issue. Minor visual glitches in the map editor are something that we tend to not fix in favour of improving the core of the game. 

Let us know if you have any other issue and sorry that we cannot fix this one.