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Odd imp AI during campaign (Under Games)

twisted_insanity 5 years ago updated by anonymous 5 years ago 4

Playing during the UG campaign, the level where you have heros attacking your crystal every so often, and the hero fortress in the middle. It seems that when the other underlord kills heroes, your imps will try to banzai through the fortress to pick them up even though they will die in the process. This was happening even when I did not have vision of the other side. Impasse flags did not stop the imps running through, so I had my entire collection of imps trying to suicide themselves every wave. The only way to fix was to sell my prison.

This didn't seem helpful behavior, especially when I didn't have vision. I'd suggest imps be changed to ignore heroes that another player KOs if possible.

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Hey twisted_insanity,

Before I take a look at this issue, can you check a couple of things for me?

When you have placed impasse flags, have you toggled them between states? If you check the tool tip, it should give an explanation between the two different impasse states (one of them does allow workers to pass through). 

If you're well aware of this and it is not the issue, would you be able to attach a save-game with the issue being displayed?

Save files can be located at the following locations:


X:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\Your User ID\230190\remote
~/Library/application support/steam/userdata/Your User ID/230190/remote
~/.local/share/Steam/userdata/userdata/Your User ID/230190/remote
You will need to add both the save file & the meta file. 

These save files will not have the display name that you gave them whilst saving, they will reference the level and a timestamp:


4 bonus round  cornucopia_20180418165553

4  bonus round  cornucopia_20180418165553.meta

If you have multiple saves with very similar names, then simply sort you save files by date and you should be able to find you most recent that way.

In addition, a log is created by the game every time you play. Posting this will help resolve some issues. 

Please note that this file is wiped every time the game launches, so ensure the bug you are reporting happened during your last play session. 

The location of the log can be found in the following location based on OS:


C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\War For The Overworld\WFTOGame_Data\output_log.txt




~/.config/unity3d/Subterranean Games/War For The Overworld/



...now I feel silly as I didn't know there was two impasse modes. I'll replay the level through and see if that resolves the problem I was having, though I figure it will.

Still, is it intentional for imps to attempt to claim knocked out heroes from outside your map vision? It's not a situation that comes up often I guess.

Thank you for taking the time to reply.


Its likely you don't need to feel silly, as there could be two issues: the impasse flag was not set correctly AND the workers are not calculating threat level correctly. If you drop us a save-game, and to a lesser extent an output log (from after the event taking place), we will take a look at it as soon as we can.