Minions dont leave their current task to accept new tasks

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For example. If a minion is using a workable tile he will often refuse to leave that tile even when the task is already done. The most obvious example i have is minions not leaving the barracks to get paid and then complaining about not being paid. I experienced this example in the new undergames expansion.

Another example is cultists continuing to research even when the maximum sins have been reached instead of automatically leaving the podium and either wandering or moving to the barracks. I experienced this bug in the second mission of the main campaign but i suspect its tied to my first example and part of a larger problem.

As far as i can tell nothing has prevented minions from going to the tavern as i havent gotten any hunger alerts.

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Mike James
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Thanks for the feedback!

The first example, when minions do not leave one task to fulfil a need, is that the UI display is not exact for this. When the need for money or food goes down, you might see the UI icon appear, because their need status has changed by one level, but this change might not have reached the threshold to trigger the new task. Lets say for example that there are five levels of hunger (0=starving, 5=full). If the trigger to go get food is based on level 2, the UI will still display a hunger increase when moving from 5 to 4.

The second example, cultists continue to research after all the sins are unlocked, is a tutorialisation condition conflicting with a global rule. When all sins are researched & the sin number is five (the number to recruit a Titan -  a late game super unit), the cultist will stop researching and move to other tasks (rituals or training in the barracks). In the tutorial, not all sins can be researched as the sins are restricted to create an on-boarding flow. Therefore, this restricted content will mean the cultist will never have their task 'complete' and the rule to send them for training will never be triggered.

If you have more examples, you're welcome to send them over and we'll look into them.