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imps not registering/neutral gnarlings stuck in rocks?

Yeuo 5 years ago updated by anonymous 5 years ago 6

I was doing the Shaboozey achievement ( loose the tutorial ) and sacrificed all my units, gnarlings and imps, ( it showed me I had 4 gnarling, 2 where stuck in some rock, like I had to get close to claim them because they weren't in any faction) and after getting rid of everything, my imps started reappearing but it didn't show I had any in the creature tab

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Thanks for spotting this. 

There are two issues here: workers not being applied to the worker pool after creation and gnarlings getting stuck in rocks.

I have made a separate report for the worker issue, although I feel the gnarling issue is more important. Are you able to supply a save-game where the workers are stuck like this?

How to: Locate your save files



It's specific to the very first level of the campaign, maybe they got forgotten in the rework o: I don't have a save as it takes like just a few minutes to get through it, sorry :<


I've tried to reproduce it a few times and cannot see this happening. Are there any specific actions that you may be taking to cause this?



1 oberon's realm awakening_20180424154746.meta

They here, I didn't follow the instructions, maybe is why, I thought they'd just be neutral and join up as you get near

Hey we also need the save file as well as the meta

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