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Map will not load after update

XFaTaLFrenzy 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 9

Had an issue as of this morning last night since the update been working on a new map was using the export an test feature completely fine today right after updating the game was a 32Mb patch as soon as i hit Export an test it loaded too 50% an boots me too the main menu every time now only with that map cannot load it at all now. ravensmiles_20180420184202

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The only thing i had done this morning differently was add a hero party based off the script you guys showed in the preview an hit Export an test an then now it wont load at all I used the export an test feature at least 15+ different times yesterday an was fine this is the only map it seems too happen on now so i haven't touched any of my other ones also wanted too add this video of what exactly happens

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Hey Xfatal,

Could you please also upload the .meta file for the save.

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Thank you guys for fixing this!