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Campaign level 1 "Awakening" Workers level up faster then intended

Alistair Mc 5 years ago updated by Mike James 5 years ago 1


Campaign level 1 "Awakening" worker level up faster then intended. Workers will reach level 2 at 150 experience rather than normal 1000.

Inconsistent and teleporting Workers before finishing level 1.

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  • Load Campaign level 1 "Awakening"
  • Wait for intro to end and workers spawn
  • Initially when workers spawn from the Dungeon core it'll state the correct values of 1000XP
  • Seconds after Workers spawning the value will be 150XP 
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Steam Public
Not a Bug


Thanks for the feedback on this, it was actually a design decision -  a play off between a better flow for the level and whether the player would be frustrated with the inconsistency. At the moment it's likely to stay how it is, but if we receive further feedback we may reopen the discussion for the next patch.