Latest patch broke the Heal spell. It now misfires or doesn't do anything while still taking the mana cost.

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Since the latest patch, I've been having a massive issue with the Heal spell. When I try to use it, half the time it casts on the ground instead of the minion I have targeted, and there's no healing done.

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Nova Solarius

Can you do me a favour? Check if it works if you have enough mana to cast it at least twice. Then test if it works when you do not. I ask this because there was an issue a while ago, where Annex failed to claim a tile if I didn't have at least twice the mana cost, and I suspect this issue is more or less identical.

Mike James
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It would be great to grab a save-game from where this occurs and output logs just after. If you have more specific reproduction steps that'd be great too - there are many things that could be producing a false positive that we need to eliminate first. Also, it would be great to include the results of Nova Solarius comment too. 

How to: Locate your save files

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