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Rotating in possession reaches a rotation limit when mouse get to border of window (Linux, windowed)

Emil Hemdal 7 years ago updated by anonymous 6 years ago 9

When in possession (any creature) and when in windowed mode (I haven't tested in full screen) limits the view rotation when cursor (invisible) gets to window border.

Game Version:
Steam Public

Linux issue, cannot reproduce on windows.

accepting as a linux issue


I can confirm it also happens on fullscreen mode. I'm pretty sure this is because the mouse cursor should be reset to the center of the screen every frame or so and instead is being allowed to move all the way to one side of the window.

This is, to be honest, quite worrying for a game that has been out for so long. I'm willing to help testing this if needed within Steam's refund window and time. I'd really like to play this game but this is game-breaking for me.

Still an issue after attempted fix

+1, still an issue.

Has there been any news?

Both full-screen and windowed mode affected.


We are preparing for our next upcoming patch, expect this issue to be fixed in that update

Completed - Next Patch
Completed - Resolved