Game shuts off computer after about 10 mins of gameplay.

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DxDiag.txt output_log.txt No crash reports in WotO Folder.

3 Times now, I have had my computer shut off completely after playing for roughly 10 minutes or so. I am not sure if this is an issue on my end or in the game itself but the crash is consistent. When it does shut off my computer, I have checked to see if my hardware was really hot and might have overheated, but this doesn't seem to be the case. I am currently on the second map of the campaign, and it has crashed at different times during this map (aka not a specific time/trigger.) I have not had this problem with any other games (SC2, WoW, BL2, CS:GO, etc.) When it crashes, it shuts down my entire computer, and does not automatically restart. If I had to guess, my suspicion if that something on my hardware is triggering some sort of failsafe, and shutting down to protect itself. I will continue to tinker with video settings and post here is anything changes.


Thank you so much for this game, I have been craving DK for years!!!!!

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Looking at your system specifications, it seems that you only have 4gb of RAM. While this does meet the minimal system requirements, it can cause slowdowns in some of the busier levels like campaign mission 10. WftO can not, however, simply shut down your system by itself, so it indeed is very likely a hardware failure.

If you checked your PC's temperature, which components in particular did you check? The PC simply shutting down without a further whimper sounds as if the CPU is overheating (especially seeing how it only does so after a while), but if the CPU temperature is within acceptable parameters, this naturally isn't very likely to be the issue. You should, however, check whether or not your PC's power supply unit may be overheating, which may happen if the GPU gets especially power-hungry for graphics-intensive games.

There's a lot of other potential causes for this issue, including outdated or malfunctioning drivers, hard drive failure, and whatnot. Sadly, given that WftO very likely is not the cause of the issue but simply triggers the symptoms, I'm unsure whether there's very much we can do to help you. At best, I would recommend to do a bit of testing with benchmark software, so as to see whether or not the shutdown is related to heavy resource usage, or whether it is a mechanical problem.

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Hello MaXMan this indeed sounds like a Hardware issue on your end.

i would like you to use a software to meassure your GPU/CPU temperature while playing the game

or a benchmark like Furmark http://www.ozone3d.net/benchmarks/fur/ .

one of my QA team members suggested using a software called HWmonitor, as i do not have experiences with it i will not provide a link.

while WFTO may be the trigger for your issues it is incredibly unlikely that its the reason for the actual shutdown.

it may be necessary to repair or replace one of your parts in the long run. we can try help you find where the issue lies though.


So I ran FurMark for 5, 12, and 22 mins and everything seems stable. GPU temp didn't go above 60, so now I assume it is likely my CPU or PSU? is there a program that can help me test my PSU? The PSU I have is overrated for my rig, but I have burned 2 of them out in the past so I would like to start there. In the meantime I will search for one. BTW, thanks for the help. <3

For stresstesting your CPU try Prime95, that should easily jack your CPU usage up to 100%. Run it for a while and if your PC shuts down again I'd suspect CPU overheat.

Use CoreTemp to keep track of your CPU temperature during this time. Different CPUs have different cut-offs but usually at about 70 Degrees most CPUs will shut down in order to preserve their lifespan.

can you tell me your PSU model type please?

otherwise i have to check a valid way to check it as well.

EDIT: if you have some knowledge about handling hardware it may be worth cleaning your PC from Dust. for that either use compressed air or a thin, clean paintbrush. (the latter is less effective and takes longer though).

also please make sure, that your GPU drivers are up to date.

sorry this whole thing will come down to trial and error and figuring out where the problem is. And may nonetheless result in you having a specialist looking at your rig or the need to replace hardware. but we can try and Isolate it and we have a chance of finding a solvable issue directly on your end.