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Ghost Minions (This ALWAYS Happens)

Illbohema 5 years ago updated by anonymous 5 years ago 8

I'm not sure if this has been discussed yet, however It's getting on my nerves very quickly. 

Every time enemy minions (perhaps only empire) get slaughtered near my dungeon and officially die. Their corpses are still there when I leave. But when I load my game again they appear to be making a complete mess around my dungeon by standing around and being invincible, glitchy husks of their former selves. And they don't move, don't attack and my own minions don't seem to notice them whatsoever. 

They don't do anything else other than being an eyesore and a distraction to my dungeon. It literally seems to always happen. Hope you'll see to fixing this.

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I'm sorry to hear you've encountered this strange issue. We'd definitely love to investigate and have it fixed for our next update.

If possible could you provide some more information on the type of units, what game mode you were playing and the exact state the units were in when you saved and quit the game.

It'd also be great if we could get our hands on your save game and an output log from a session where this occurred so we can see what might be the root cause of this. Please read How to: Submit a Bug Ticket for instructions on where to find those files!



'Ello Lee. I've tried to follow the instructions to the best of my abilities and found what appears to be save data from the 'Equilibrium' level. I'll post all related files below and maybe you can find the most obvious one.

13 equilibrium_20180120052758

13 equilibrium_20180120052758.meta

13 equilibrium_20180120071809

13 equilibrium_20180120071809.meta

If that doesn't work I also have some screenshots here: https://imgur.com/a/DVy7C

I also see this bug has been somewhat discussed before as another reply states but I hope this helps anyways, I've also encountered this on the Heart Attack level aswell. I'm not sure if it's that necessary to describe the types of units as you can look for yourself. Mostly empire units ranging from templars, huntresses, juggernauts, highlanders and etc. Thank you for your support!

This is a known issue. There are two variants of this bug.

Type one - No save file required, caused by necromancers and matriarchs.

Type two - Caused by save files, affects Any unit.

The one reported here is type two.



I'm going to pass this through and related it to our other ticket internally. It's important to note that this is occurring in modes outside skirmish as well. Thanks for the report!

Passing this ticket through as it appears to be related to another issue but includes important information: primarily that this also occurs in the campaign mode.

Internal Note: This Userecho ticket has some save files available on the Userecho comment thread.

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