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Knocked out heroes die

toolazytomakeone 5 years ago updated by Lee "Noontide" Moon (Designer & Community Manager) 4 years ago 8

In "My Pet Dungeon" mode (haven't tried the others), the little scrubs whose name I forgot ignore half of the knocked out heroes, despite them being on land (and not in the water), despite having enough space in the place with locks whose name I also forgot because I'm bad at English, resulting in knocked out heroes dying on the field or out of the Arena.

Even placing a fag down to tell the scrubs there is work to be done doesn't help, they just stand around.

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Hi Toolazytomakeone,

Sorry to hear you've had issues with the workers retrieving fallen heroes from the fields. It sounds like the AI isn't generating the work order due to some condition either correctly or incorrectly going unfulfilled. We'd love to look into this issue further to see if we can identify the cause. As we've not yet seen this behavior internally the easiest way for us to investigate further would be to receive your save file for this situation.

Please read How to: Submit a Bug Ticket and if possible upload your save files to us directly. :)



eau profonde_20180115145010

This should be the good file, with knocked out heroes, a flag telling the imps to come work over them heroes, and said heroes not being carried. I was unaware that the name you assigned to a save wasn't saved.

I will try other games modes later, and see if it's a problem limited to My Pet Dungeon or if it happens in sandboxes or skirmishes as well.

Hi toolazytomakeone,

Thanks for that, there should also be a .meta file alongside that save file which will be required before we can load the save. Please can you send that as well and once we have them I'll pass this on to our QA Analyst to take a look once he has a moment. It's a little busy here at the moment so it make be a little while before we get to take a deep look into this.



Hey Toolazytomakeone,

Please upload the .meta file along with the save game

Under Review

Exactly cheers, we'll let you know what we find

Completed - Next Patch

Sappers should never be KO'd. They will now instantly die when they are killed