selling bridge on lava

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When you sell a bridge ( placed in map editor ) on lava , you get this glitch. BTW player should not be able to sell bridges on lava since it can be exploited to easily kill enemy units.

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Lee "Noontide" Moon
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Gave this a try in several different approaches but couldn't replicate here's what I tried:

  • Creating what I believe to be an identical setup to the above in the Map Editor and selling the bridge
  • Creating similar setups quickly in God Mode (uses map editor tools so likely to cause similar issues) and experimenting with a few different layouts to no joy

Does this occur every time you do this? Have you tried different locations? Would certainly welcome a map file for this if it occurs consistently.


I can't reproduce the bug anymore...

Lee "Noontide" Moon
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Quite a strange one then, probably an intermittent issue with a cause not quite so obvious. We'll keep our eyes peeled for this moving forward but for now I'll close the ticket. Feel free to reply again if you ever find a solid replication condition.