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My Pet Dungeon - game loads last save for levels instead starting level from begining

Mateusz Saczka 5 years ago updated by anonymous 5 years ago 3

Ok, I've completed last MPD level yesterday and now I have strange issue. When I click on level name in My Pet Dungeon and choose Start Game, game loads last save I made for that level instead of starting level from the beginning (oddly, floor tiles pattern, colour and cursor change according to what have chosen before clicking on Start Game, dungeon core theme and workers theme is loaded from save file). All I did before this started happening was:

- replaying last level of MPD to complete possession challenges and defeat both enemy underlords

- starting Deepwater from scratch (with Empire theme, game loaded properly, from very beginning) to unlock achievement for scoring 100.000

- switching to main campaign and playing 1st level to unlock "The Real Keeper" achievement

Then, I wanted to replay Lockshackle to unlock achievement for completing optional objectives and scoring 150.000 and - surprise - game loaded my last save I made for this level with changed colour, floor tile theme and cursor theme. I've restarted game, checked other MPD levels with different dungeon/colour/worker themes, switched to HoG campaign, nothing helped.

I didn't change anything in God Mode/Mutators.

latest GOG game version - 1.6.66.f6

Windows 7 64bit

AMD Ryzen 3 1200 @3,1GHz

8GB RAM DDR4-2400 (single channel)

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB GDDR5 (MSI GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GT OC 4GB GDDR5)

motherboard ASRock AB350 Pro4


Game Version:
GOG Galaxy
Under Review

This is interesting. I remember something from the design that would allow players to continue playing a previously played level but I can't remember if it was ever implemented.

This is one we'll have to take a deeper look into once we're back from the festive season.

Sorry for the issue :(

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How did you name the save file? Can you upload them?

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