Stone knight, sentinel and lava

qqqbbb 5 years ago updated by Josh Bishop (Creative Director) 5 years ago 8

Lava does not hurt sentinel (made of gold) but does hurt stone knight. Should it not be the other way around?

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It actually makes sense to me the way it is: lava acts the same as liquid gold, hence the sentinel should be immune to it. It also gives the player a unit which can traverse lava/liquid gold, it would have a lot less use in the hands of the Empire AI.

Funnily enough on a universe preserving level I'd have to disagree Webbernever, I think if the gold is so hot it's in a liquid state it must be able to melt gold, thus the sentinel would be damaged by traversing it. Stone meanwhile would likely pass unscathed not accounting for the fact they are both magically reinforced :D. However I can't say for sure what the design direction was on this so I'll have to ask Josh when we're all back in the office.


Passing through for internal design review. 

To confirm whether there is an existing reason for the discrepancy between the Sentinel and Stone Knight.

Nano Boucher can you change it so Stone Knights have the same lava immunity + pathing as Sentinels, in its own commit (so it can be reverted if needbe), then assign to Cian.

Cian, can you test through C4 of Heart of Gold when I am in the office and let me know when the Stone Knights start attacking. We'll take a look at their pathing and ensure there's no issues. If there are, we will revert Nano's change.


Won't be changing this as it will impact some levels in Heart of Gold.