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Garrison tooltip

qqqbbb 5 years ago updated by anonymous 5 years ago 9

Garrison tooltip does not mention that it has to be activated by augre or juggernaut.

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Confirmed this and I agree it's a little problematic if a player is not familiar with the function of the Garrison as it implies it is always active. This could simply be corrected by adding "When activated, [...]" to the front of the tooltip. I'll pass this through for Tim (our writer) to review and decide the appropriate course of action.

Hi guys, thanks for this!

Okay I have taken a look at this tooltip, and cross-referenced it with the voice tutorial line for the Garrison. I have done a complete edit on the tip to try and give a bit more information, in accordance with the voiced tutorial line - see below.

I will assign to Josh to double check that the functionality described is still correct for this.

Old tooltip:
Fortifies surrounding defences with additional health regen and walls with a defence increase, greatly reducing explosive impacts upon affected tiles. Attracts the Augre.

New tooltip:
Creates a protective aura over a large area, which reveals the Fog of War and strengthens enclosed defences and Fortified Walls. Attracts the Augre, which is required to keep the aura active.


Hi Josh, please see the comment above - thanks!

Thanks Josh. The tooltip is edited in the gametext file, and will be pushed to the internal build soon to go out with a coming release.

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