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Artifact of revelation

qqqbbb 5 years ago updated by anonymous 5 years ago 7

When I loaded a custom map savegame one of artifacts in archive was artifact of revelation. It did nothing when I activated it, and it's not in the map editor. Was it removed from the game or is it planned for v2.0?

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I believe this is an Artifact that was either removed from the game or it performs the same function as the Revelation Ritual (revealing the location of gold, artifacts, shrines. I can't  remember exactly but if it was the second one it may have worked but if you had already revealed everything and there were no changes it may not be noticable. I'll check in with the designer in the new year though.

Revelation artefact is deprecated. It reveal the whole map and have an impact on performance. So it's intended. However it not working at all was not, so I fixed at least this part. So old map with revelation artefact will at least work

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