Unlockable Progress Not Saving

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I played the Crucible Survival Mode for the 1st time and got to wave 35
unlocking the Champion Worker. Although it showed it unlocked in the
Extras->Unlockables area it did not show the Champion Worker
available for any new game (Crucible, Skirmish or anything). I exited
the game & reloaded it & now it claims I never unlocked the
Champion Worker. I never had this problem with other unlockables even while playing offline. What
is causing this bug? How do I keep my unlockable progress? Is there a
way I can get back my Champion Worker?

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Steam Public
Lee "Noontide" Moon
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I believe this unlock is related to the Steam Achievement, can you confirm whether the Achievement is listed as unlocked on your Steam account?

Lee "Noontide" Moon

Sorry to hear about this issue though, I can understand it quite frustrating. My current guess is that something happened when the game unlocked the achievement and the Steam servers failed to respond to the achievement unlock, causing it to be missed possibly due to high traffic in the Steam Winter Sale. But looking into your unlocked achievements on Steam migh tconfirm this.

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