Fortified walls next to royal carpet

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Fortified walls next to underlord's royal carpet room have empire theme.

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Lee "Noontide" Moon Designer & Community Manager
  • Not a Bug

This is currently working within the restrictions of the room. Simply put there is no Underlord variation of this room and thus no unique data exists for defining the walls. Walls for rooms are defined by the type of Dungeon Theme (Underlord, Empire, Magnanimous) and some rooms do not have assets for use in other themes, usually where the existing levels have never called for any variation due to our design.

I believe there is a variation of this used in Heart of Gold level 4 with the Magnanimous theme and I'll ask if there's any scope for expanding this design in the new year. For now I'll be declining this ticket as not a bug but rest assured the feedback will go through.