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Arcanist AI

qqqbbb 5 years ago updated by anonymous 5 years ago 4

Arcanist AI is buggy. Create a new map, place your arcanists against enemy ones so that they can shoot each other but can not get to each other, like in the picture.

Image 4291

After some time they stop attacking each other.

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Confirmed this. For some reason the Arcanist AI isn't using their abilities properly. When I spawned level 1 Arcanists in the pattern shown they all went into an idle state and ignored the enemy. Only a Level 5+ Arcanist engaged the enemy using her "Arcane Storm" ability off cooldown. My presumption is that the Arcanist is incorrectly behaving like a Melee unit, deciding that it cannot path to the target for the purposes of most of its abilities and thus ignoring the enemy. Only when they gain Arcane Storm do they use an ability.

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