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Can't place neutral defences or constructs in map editor

qqqbbb 5 years ago updated by Lee "Noontide" Moon (Designer & Community Manager) 5 years ago 3

This video makes it clear that it should be possible. Did an update break it?

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Not a Bug

This was removed when the neutral faction was overhauled in Patch 1.4. Currently working as intended. Thanks for all the reports though we'll try to review them all as quick as possible :)

I'll likely be revisiting the Map Editor tutorials for Patch 2.0 so hopefully deprecated stuff should be gone.

Why was it removed? It really limits map makers when creating maps. This was the best way to prevent neutral creatures from wandering off from their starting position. Now you have to isolate them with dirt blocks. Without neutral defences you can't make a  scenario map where you have no workers and the only way of increasing your army is  moving around the map and finding neutral units. In skirmish maps you could use neutral defences to defend neutral shrines.

There were fundamental issues with them that we couldn't fix within the scope of the work we were doing. It's a long time ago now so I can't quite recall what the exact issues were but essentially they did not work very well and broke too often. Basically they were more work than they were worth.

However I can say that if things go according to plan we're looking to provide more options in the 2.0 update for map creators so hopefully there'll be something that can be done on the map makers' side. However I can't make any promises.