Completed Goldrust with only 26000 points

Peetfighter 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 7

Windows 7 64bit


Intel i7

Nvidia GTX 750 Ti

Version v1.6.66f3

Got a victory screen after amassing 26000-27000 points despite Goldrust requiring at least 75000 points to be completed.

It should be noteworthy that I tossed 3 level 5 heroes into my dungeon and got the completed screen after they were killed. I also did NOT get the Working-Class Hero achievement.


Game Version:
Steam Public
Pending Customer

Unfortunately I have not been able to replicate this issue and as far as I can see there doesn't appear to be anything that stands out in the output log. I don't suppose you happen to have a save just before or after the issue occured?

I have a save where I have advanced further but still below the 75000 points mark. If it is useful to you I have included the save files.


Meta file: goldrust_20171214224133.meta

I have to admit that this is a mystery to me. I could not replicate. I can see the issue in the save file, but I can not find the root cause from it. So I'm afraid I won't be able to fix it. If it were to happen again though , let us know

Hey ppl.berkvens,

Unfortunately after reviewing this issue with the Code Team today this issue is not going to see a fix within the remaining development of WFTO. There's a number of reasons for this but primarily it's simply a matter of resources spent vs value of fix, we're not entirely sure as to the cause of this issue but one thing is sure; the issue is deeply ingrained and to resolve it would require considerable resources that unfortunately will not be available to us moving forwards compared to spending our resources on other higher priority issues or new features.

We didn't want to leave this in limbo so as such we're now going to close this ticket as not fixable.

We know it's not desirable for issues like these to remain in game and we want to always endeavor to ensure that player experience is the best it can be. But realistically there are some issues which we won't be able to address so we want to ensure that expectations from our community align with that.

Thanks for the report and I apologize that we will not be fixing this issue. Please feel free to get in touch if you have questions. 

Understood, it wasn't a critical issue as I was able to complete the level entirely without any problems but at least you tried.