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Initial position of possessed creature's FOV

qqqbbb 5 years ago updated by anonymous 5 years ago 6

Initial position of possessed creature's FOV is not correct. To see it, possess a creature and move around without moving the mouse.

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Unfortunately I can't replicate based off the information provided. Each unit has a different setup for this so it may be an issue with a particular unit. Was there any unit in particular that you saw this on?

Every unit is affected by this bug. Try possessing a unit and move around without touching the mouse. Wrong direction that the possessed camera is facing is fixed when you move your mouse.


Ahha I see the issue now. Sorry I didn't understand from the initial report and I must have got lucky on the first time. It's based on the angle the camera zooms in at relative to the unit's position. So if you're already lined up it will appear normal.

I'll pass this through again it's very minor but well worth being aware of and we'll see if there's any chance we can fit a quick fix in. :)

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