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Corrupted units do not respond to rally flags

rabureta 6 years ago updated by anonymous 6 years ago 7

10 the kenos_20171128173040

Save attached. Corrupt units fail to respond to rally flags, both universal and warband. Units are happy with all their needs met. Seems to have been introduced with yesterday's patch (the Unity update).

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Hey rabureta

Can you please upload the .meta file for that save?


I've confirmed this behaviour independently of the save file in fact this seems to affect more than just corrupted units and may be related to Prisoner AI changes.

Once any unit has been dropped into the prison they seem to start ignoring rally flags once released. This appears to persist with Imprisoned units who have been converted in the torture chamber.

Cian's tests with your Save file seem to show the units fixed on loading the save and I can confirm independently that this is the case, as soon as I loaded a save file with affected units they began following rally flags as normal. I'm escalating this ticket up to the code team for an urgent fix.

Escalated as top priority. Please view Userecho comments for further details.

This affects any unit that has been imprisoned (including player units dropped in temporarily, persists through corruption and is resolved by loading a save game with affected units.

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