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Heart of Gold mission 3 - heroes spawn but do not attack, instead they stack in their dungeons

Mateusz Saczka 5 years ago updated by anonymous 5 years ago 6


I have strange issue in the 3rd mission of Heart of Gold campaign (Gilton). It seems that every time lord Saffire orders an attack, each hero portal spawns heroes. But these heroes don't attack unless I've already breached their dungeon. If I didn't, they wander around their dungeon and it seems they train so they eventually hit 10th level. At some point there's so many of them that when I finally breach their dungeon, I get overwhelmed by them and lose mission. I know that destroying all outposts and killing Saffire is optional and I can beat that level without this, but these stacking heroes' groups make some achievements on this level impossible to unlock. It doesn't seem to be save game related because I've restarted mission several times.

And I think this save shows another bug - enemies near my Bombards after loading a game turned neutral and lost their HP marker. It seems to happen randomly, happened to me in different missions, usually I had rally flag active while saving a game.

And one more thing, I think AI of enemy diggers went nuts - they're digging my dungeon's walls for reason that is mystery for me.
Windows 7 64bit
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I've also encountered a bug that makes some artifacts respawn after loading a save game in 2nd mission of HoG, but it's not really game breaking bug and I'll post it in separate thread later.

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GOG Galaxy
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Hey Mateusz,

Thanks for the report, we will look for the root cause and keep you posted on our progress

I have remembered one more thing about this mission - enemy (heroes') workers can be imprisoned but that's all - I can't cast Blood Money on them, they can't be converted or "cooked" in torture room. I guess they were intended to be like workers/beast - they should die instantly rather than becoming unconscious but something went wrong.

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