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Doesn't show achievements I have earned

FluffyAxe 6 years ago updated by anonymous 6 years ago 5

I've been doing the My Pet Dungeon. At the end of each level it has shown that I have achieved every achievement for that level except for one level (I can't remember which one, I planned to come back later to get the achievement) where I did not achieve 150 000 points before ending the level. Other than that I got every achievement but when I went to the unlockables to find out why they didn't unlock the extra themes it shows in the unlockables that I only got about half the achievements. For the empire theme and worker you have to complete every my pet dungeon level and to go to each new level you have to complete the previous one so just to show that it's bugged it shows me I've achieved Dungetopia but according to the list in the unlockables I still haven't achieved Dipping your Toe in. How am I supposed to fix this.

Out of all the achievements in the images below only 1 should be greyed out.


Image 4024
Image 4025
Image 4026

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Are the achievements showing as unlocked on steam itself?

No they haven't been unlocked on steam either

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Sometimes you need to restart the game for this list to update. Have you restarted your game since earning these achievements?

The game has been restarted multiple times while I was earning these achievements. They are also greyed out on steam.

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