"Stay a While and Listen" was not granted

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I reset the campaign and replayed it all.  Every time I finished a mission, I played in the home realm for at least 11 minutes.  I did this after finishing the last mission as well.  Home Realm logged over 2.5 hours yet the "Stay a While and Listen" achievement didn't get rewarded.  I'm not sure what is needed to debug this...

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Tim White
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Hi Lee,

Sorry to hear the achievement hasn't unlocked. It sounds like you have done everything right to unlock it.

I will pass this onto our developers to see if they have any ideas, and to see what other information they might need from you.



Biervampir [AUT]

The "Stay a while and Listen Achievement" wont allways trigger after 10minutes. Sometimes you need to stay longer sometimes shorter for the line to get played.

Sadly, I have to tell you, that you need to replay the campaign against. But this time you will get it, when the last missing line got played, so perhaps you don't need to play all missions again.

You can check if the line gots played when you open the Debug Consol (you dont need to access it with PW, to check if it got played)

Lee G

I heard most of them trigger at 10:30 on the game clock.  I think the achievement description should be corrected to reflect how long you have to stay on each map for them all to trigger.

Is there any way to check which ones are missing?

Biervampir [AUT]

Sadly no :/

Lee G

How about a list of missions that have more than the one that triggers at 10:30?  I'm pretty sure the final mission, for example, has at least another one at 15:30.

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The first line should always trigger at 5 minutes with the second 5 minutes after that. you must fully listen to the line for it to count.

Unfortunately you will just have to go back through the campaign and ensure that you listen to each line.