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DLC missing after Update Patch 1.6.4

Kadder 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 1

Hello there,

after the Patch 1.6.4 is a bug in galaxy or wfto?
There are no dlcs and skins available or installable.
Galaxy is showing version 1.6.2, but in game it is 1.6.4
a reinstall of the dlc get failed and the check of the game data with galaxy will be all is okay.
there is also a thread in the gog-forum https://www.gog.com/forum/war_for_the_overworld/chinese_release_patch_164_more

thanks a lot

Game Version:
GOG Galaxy

Hi Lee,
wow what a great support :)
thanks for the while... so "we" are waiting.
I also read your answer in the gog-forum.

deeply grateful


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Hi Kadder,

Thanks for reporting this to us. We've talked to our GOG contacts today and can confirm this is on their end, they should be able to resolve this on Monday. In the meantime you should be able to roll-back your version to 1.6.4. It seems for some reason an extra version was uploaded by them under the title 1.6.2 and this makes the DLC incompatible.

We'll mark this as complete as it requires no further action on our part. Apologies for the inconvenience.