rebelling minions cannot be struck by projectiles

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When your minions rebel and start attacking your stuff, defences and other minions will fight back against them. However, slow-moving projectiles (bombard shots, crackpot thrown potions, bafu spines, etc. - basically, any travelling projectile) will go right through the rebel without dealing damage. Ranged attacks that do not use a projectile, such as the Witch Doctor's 'lightning from above' attack, work fine.

I believe that projectiles like this rely on hit detection, and are coded not to detect hits with friendly units. This check doesn't seem to be taking into account the difference between actually-friendly units and rebels.

To reproduce, I used the Hell's Deep pet dungeon map with god mode enabled. You can easily create a rebel by placing any reasonably tough creature and slapping them repeatedly.

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I got an explanation, so now I'm happy!

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Hey Valtiel,

This is something that we are aware of internally, we will let you know how we go as we tackle it.

Scott Richmond Programmer & Producer
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Lee "Noontide" Moon Designer & Community Manager
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Hi Fluffiest,

Apologies that you did not receive an explanation yesterday. This ticket was declined internally as part of a mass review of long-standing "low priority" tickets as we approach the release of Patch 2.0 and the subsequent end-of-life support period for WFTO.

We are currently working to resolve as many issues as we can for the 2.0 release however some issues are considered too minor or too costly to fix with relation to their impact on gameplay for them to make the cut. In this case the issue is a deeply ingrained design flaw that would require a complete refactor of the rebelling mechanic.

Sadly the cost to refactor this portion of the game is not something we have the resources to resolve in the remaining lifespan of the project and the end-of-life support period is going to focus on critical/major issues as a priority. As such this issue will sadly not be fixed. We know this isn't ideal and if we could have our way we would continue to refine and support WFTO for years to come, addressing community concerns all the while. Sadly reality requires we start to look to our next projects.

We didn't want to keep people hanging any longer and we're working to review and reply to tickets declined as well as lay out a general announcement on our plans for support moving forward.

Sorry once again and I apologise that this issue will not be addressed.