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mapEditor how to add Hero Patrols? - + crash

nightwish2000 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 9

War For The Overworld.zipHello 

i ve tried to create 2 maps where i would add heros and other 2 -3 keepers.

althought there is a hero gate, there seem to be no options to manage hero patrols. neither when/how they should spawn etc . is there any option for it? do they spawn at all?

(this map was my 2nd try, i took it this time from an already existing one, to exclude issues, and added only some necessary things, like filled up graves with sand terretory and heroes with 2 gates.)

also both maps i ve created ended up in crashing. even tho my 2nd map had way less things i added. any idea?

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You're full specs and output_log from the crash would be very usefull for the dev's

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It looks like you may be running out of memory at 50% capacity, could you run something like Memtest to verify that your memory is working correctly?

the memory has 16 GB rams, i did run memtest 3 months ago, no errors found

Ok if you're sure there's no issue with your RAM then could you please link me the map you are crashing on? Do you crash every time you play the map?

Hero's will spawn from gates overtime if there is enough space in the rooms for them.

 enough space in the rooms?

and no, i crashed only on those 2 maps, didnt happen on others from what i could tell

here is the map


I had that bug, where I had there were 2 different versions of the map, where the client allways crashed.
Because I playtested that map, and it is working fine for me.
Another reason for the crash could be, that it is an importat map, and something with the import went wrong?

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I cant see why the map would crash, I am able to load it without any issue.

If you mouse over a room there is a counter for the amount of units that can be attracted by that room, so long as the counter isn't at max then the game will spawn more units.

Unless we can reproduce the crash there's not much we can do, let us know if it happens again and attach your log

tx , based on errors i did mem test , and no errors shown