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Frosty weavers often 'miss'

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Not too sure if this one is intended, but quite often, frosty weavers deal no damage when displaying their animations. To replicate:

1 - Open the map editor.

2 - Place a frosty weaver (a frost weaver probably works as well).

3 - Place a bombard or ordinary unit (This Must be an enemy of the frosty weaver so that they fight).

4 - Playtest.

What should occur is that the frosty weaver shall often 'slam down' on its opponent and deal no damage. Sometimes it takes two slams for any damage to occur, other times three.

No output log again as this is easy to replicate.

Game Version:
Steam Public

Either the animation is off or it really miss often
Can confirm

Pending Customer

I'll step through in engine and see if it's working 


It's the Frost weaver playing the same anim when it uses chilling embrace, an ability which cools down in less than 1 second and only debuffs. This looks ridiculous, we'll see if it can be changed to improve feedback.

Maybe it wont stop movement and just plays an expanding cloud VFX

...So just to clarify, the times when it is 'missing' is when it is actually trying to perform a debuff attack? What exactly is the debuff, and is it shared with frost weavers and magma weavers? I noticed that it performs the attack even against defences...I am not sure if it is possible, but the idea of debuffing a defence seems silly, especially if it is only 'slowing it down'.

If you possess the unit you can see the ability. The debuff is successful it just stacks so it will do it multiple times.

Yes it's silly, yes it works on defences, yes it'll change ;)

Heh, I see. Thanks and good to know.

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