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Possession camera + door issue

Xera 5 years ago updated by anonymous 5 years ago 9

(Sorry for my bad english)

Hello, i have some issues.

When i use possession on a creature, the camera is bug, it's not centered and i can't even move, sometimes it works but it bugs like 80% of the time.

I have an issue with door too, there are a lot of boxes in my blacksmith, but they dont use the box to create the door

Please help, thank you

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Steam Public

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It seems to happen only in multiplayer

Thank you

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Can I get your output_log? This guide will show you how to find it. How to: Submit a Bug Ticket

If you have high ping the Multiplayer will become very very unstable, we recommend playing MP only if you have a good internet connection 


Our ping was really good, we have a good internet connection.
Here is my output

What do you need in my outputlog? 

Thank you

The log will contain information about what the game was doing during the match.

It looks like it hasn't uploaded, please try and link it again.

Regarding the defenses not being built issue, any chance that workers couldn't reach the blueprint (perhaps a locked door or a defense with a rampart on it was in the way)?


No, they could get it, i even put the boxes near the door and they came, tooked it, and put it back in the blacksmith.

Btw i tried another mp game where they built doors without problems, but i still got the issue with the possession.

It seems to not bug when i possession workers, but when i try to posses other units, the camera isnt at the right place, then when i move, i "go out" the creature and then i can't move (sorry hard to explain)

I'm sorry but that log is incomplete. If you restart the game after having the issue then the log will be overridden. 

Please try to catch the log immediately after experiencing the bug to ensure that the correct data is saved

Cannot Replicate

Without a log we cannot look into this further. However the next update will contain some improvements to MP. Please let us know if the error persists once that is out