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arcon summoned

nashy 6 years ago updated by anonymous 6 years ago 5

The acorn was summoned and the narrator narrated it. The camera entered on the arcon, at the dungeon heart. About 5 seconds later that sequence repeated indefinitely. If I moved the camera, it would return to the arcon at 5 second intervals, as he walked around my dungeon. The 'arcon summoned' narration was also repeating.

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Hey nashy,

Could I get a save file of this occurring and you output_log?

This guide will show you where to find them: How to: Submit a Bug Ticket

Data you requested is package.zip

Captured video of issue, attached also.

There doesn't seem to be an Archon in the save file you have sent, was he there when you made the save? Does the issue continue to occur after you yourself load the save?

Sorry I'm not sure if I saved the game after the bug occurred.

Cannot Replicate

Ah ok, if that's the case then we will just have to wait and see if you encounter it again. Until then we will close the ticket as we cannot reproduce the issue. Once you have a save file with the issue we will look into it for you