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Workers not Picking Gold Piles

SmoothPlay 5 years ago updated by anonymous 5 years ago 4

I was playing online multiplayer and Workers would not Picking Gold Piles After the Vault has Space again.

They ignored the gold even when i dropped the worker on it.

I even had an empty vault and they still just hang around doing nothing.

Is it a design decision to make me have to grab the gold myself or something? 

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This can sometimes happen when the vault is too far away from the gold, it is also possible to have gold piles that contain large amounts of gold, resulting in piles never fully being cleared due to the workers not having deep enough pockets.

Could you send a SP save file and your output log of this issue, you can find it here: How to: Submit a Bug Ticket

I think it's an issue with the Worker AI, because that's also happening in skirmish.

Same issue with workers wont pick up gold from tavern

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