Please add support for saving in crucible

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I like being able to save my games and continue them when I have time.  Admittedly I haven't played crucible extensively yet, but I was really disappointed that that I can't save my game during this mode.  I'm not sure if there is a cap of say 75 waves or if it's infinite but saving and loading for this game mode would be awesome.  As there is saving in other modes, campaign, skirmish, my pet dungeon, why no save for this mode?  Seems like all the functionality is already there.

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Lee "Noontide" Moon Designer & Community Manager
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Hi Darkassassin98,

We don't generally accept suggestions via UserEcho currently. However I will say that I responded in the Steamthread you also posted with my thoughts on the matter.

As was discussed at the time saving is disabled in Crucible by design for a multitude of reasons from cheating to issues with potential script breaks when the game is loaded. Crucible is actually one of the most complex modes in the game and saving within it is actually rather challenging. With that said I have accepted this feedback and will bring it to the attention of the team as we return to work full time on WFTO.

We'll see what comes of that in time!

Thanks for your support and for contacting us!