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Game Crashed

prizrak83 6 years ago updated by anonymous 6 years ago 5
Game Crashed on level "Коллос"-GiltonWar For The Overworld.zip  DxDiag.txt
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Hey prizrak83,

Could I get some more info?

  1. Does this happen every time you play?
  2. Does this happen on any other level?
  3. Does this only happen at the end of the level?
  4. Is this a loaded save game or are you starting a new session each time?

1,2  Only at this level, until this level has passed

3. Approximately in the middle of the level

4. Uploaded saved game

Could you please send me the save file?

Unfortunately they were overwritten

Cannot Replicate

Due to the lack of relevant info in the log and lack of a save file I'm forced to decline the issue, please post back to this ticket if you crash again or if you find a savefile with this issue