Crucible Achievements frozen (Steam)

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All three are frozen at wave 20/*, tried it yesterday with a run after the 50ies and was wondering that i didn't get a unlocked notification. So i checked them manually and saw they're frozen.

Tried it today again until wave 27 and checked them. No Unlock and all three are frozen at 20.

Verify gamedata was successful with no corrupt file.

Pls investigate. Thx.

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The achievement list reports the best run you finished, and doesn't update in real time.

Let's say you're on Wave 56 right now and tabbed to check your achievements, it'll still only say Wave 20.

Additionally, it's the best run you --finished-- so if you reach wave 76 and then quit to menu, you won't receive your achievements. You need to actually let your dungeon core be destroyed for the run to officially end and achievement progress to be recorded.

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Woudo is right, it updates at the final score screen.

I'll be happy to look at your log either way, that can be found here: How to: Submit a Bug Ticket


OK there was the failure, after my first run where i hit lvl 20 i always restarted / quit to menu the game when i saw that i will loose.

Tho i got them and nothing is broken .. maybe besides of me :D

Thanks in advance u too.